QuickCharge Emergency Phone Charger

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No Charger, No Powerbank - No Problem! Power Up Your Mobile Phone Manually!

QuickCharge is a portable mini emergency hand-cranking dynamo charger that's suitable for outdoor activities and perfect as an emergency power supply for your mobile phones or other digital devices.

Transform mechanical energy into electrical energy and charge your gadgets and gizmos at any place and at any time

Just wind Quickcharge by hand and it will charge your phone freely. With its built-in USB interface, it is easy to connect to all sorts of USB devices!

Charging for 3 minutes can deliver 5-10 minutes of talk time and up to 3-8 hours of standby time. This will surely come in handy in those survivalist moments in your life!


  • Universal Design: The built-in USB interface allows easy connection to all sorts of USB devices.
  • Compact and Reliable: The device is lightweight and compact. Perfect for generating the power needed to make a quick call or send a text message.
  • Simple to Use: Recharging your mobile phone or USB-powered device (such as Bluetooth headsets) is as simple as turning the handle.
  • Emergency Use: No worries if you’re running out of power or if you forget to recharge the power bank during hiking, travel or emergency situations.
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Material: Plastic and electronic element
Application: Outdoor activities, daily use
Maximum Output Voltage: DC5.5V
Maximum Output Current: 600mA
Interface Type: USB
Size: 60*49*31 mm / 2.4*1.9*1.2 in (L*W*H)
Weight: 60g
Color: Blue
USB Ports: 1

Package included:

1 x QuickCharge Emergency Phone Charger


1. Don't crank too fast, ideal is 100-120 cranks per minute. 
2. Don't wait till the battery of your phone drains completely to recharge
3. If the charger gets very hot stop cranking for 10 minutes or so to cool itself          down.

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