Fire Blanket

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You must have heard that "Prevention Is Better Than Regret".

Now, do you have sufficient emergency tools at your house?

This Hero Fire Blanket is a must-have fire emergency tool especially if you cook frequently. It's recommended by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services that you should place your Hero Fire Blanket around areas where fires are likely to start. It could be kitchens, grills, fireplaces, cars, camping sites, gas stations, restaurants, warehouses, etc.

It was well designed to be light and compact that you could easily grab it on short notice when an emergency happens. It's woven out of fiberglass and will protect you from serious burns. Also, it allows you to move in a fire, ideal for when flames are blocking your exit of if you're trying to help others get out.

What's more, you can use it to smother down flames that have just started, or wrap it around a person whose clothes are on fire. 

*We highly suggest you place AT LEAST ONE Hero Fire Blanket at your home and ONE in your car. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.



  • MESS-FREE: No training needed, even kids and elderly can use it.
  • FIRE PROTECTION: Wrap around your body as a heat shield.
  • REUSABLE: Can be cleaned or washed & reused.
  • COST-WISE: Cheaper than a fire extinguisher & no maintenance fees.


  • Material: Fiberglass Cloth
  • Size: 1m x 1m / 40 inch x 40 inch
  • Package Includes: 1 x Hero Fire Blanket

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